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I just discovered this today, actually.

One of my brightest anatomy students (we'll call her Molly) is going on our school's spring break trip to France. While chatting with the teacher chaperone for that trip today, the French teacher mentioned that she bought Molly some clothes and was wondering if Molly was wearing any of them today. When we asked why the teacher had bought Molly clothes, we got this tale:

Molly's mom died while she was in middle school. Molly's dad is a drug addict or alcoholic. Molly, her 2 siblings, and her dad were all living with Grandpa (who splits his year between IN and FL). Last year, grandpa and dad had a falling out, grandpa kicked dad out of the house, and called CPS for the kids. Since then, Molly and her two siblings have been placed in foster care.

The only reason Molly is able to afford the trip to France is because Grandpa is feeling guilty and is assuaging his guilt by financing the trip.

Back to the clothes: Molly has about 3 outfits that she rotates through. And going on a 10 day trip to France, she simply needs more than that.

On top of the crappy home life, Molly had saved up money to take on the trip with her – about 300 euro. Her dad visited last weekend and stole it. So, she's now using her social security check for the month.

The teacher has bought her clothing, is buying her travel size toiletries, and is covering her "tip" for the tour guide…

And when the teacher gives Molly all of these things, Molly doesn't even know how to react or accept them. Her exact words were, "Why? You didn't have to do this."

Molly is such a bright student, she has so much potential, she is so sweet and motivated and just an amazing person. Learning this about her past broke my heart today and has been weighing on me ever since…


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