1. stole…

A guy stole my bike from a rack a couple of weeks ago. When people approached him, he took off on foot and got hit by a car, making it much easier for the police to find and arrest him. The poor women that hit him was distraught and convinced she killed him but he ended up with just some scrapes and bruises.

Edit: Ok, here's what happened. The guy was only able to ride about two blocks before me and my mom pulled up in her car, ordering him off the bike. Other people joined in, he hopped off the bike, apologized, (he even put down the kickstand!) and started running the opposite direction, presumably trying to male it to the train station a couple blocks away. He only made it a block or two on foot before getting hit by the car. We ended up having to identify him in the back of an ambulance along with a couple who saw the whole thing. I felt bad for him because he got off the bike and apologized, but I realized that he would not have gotten hit if he wasn't doing something illegal in the first place.

Sorry if I did this wrong, but this is my first time replying!


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