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My mom was an avid seamstress. She made me dolls and dresses my whole childhood, so sewing was big part of her identity to me. She died back in 2010, when I was 19. In 2011, my family home burned down. There really wasn't much left of the place, but I was able to salvage a few things. One of them was her sewing box. It was an old wooden thing, and the fire had burned a good bit of it. The moving parts didn't really work, and the handle was half-gone, and I couldn't use it at all, but it was one of the only physical remnants of my mom, so I held on to it.

I was moving in 2014 when it fell and completely broke. I was heartbroken, but had accepted the defeat and decided that it was time to get rid of it. I sat in my garage crying with the stupid thing for a while before my boyfriend came to help. He told me he would get rid of it for me, so I left and moved on to a new project.

My birthday was about a month later. The present my boyfriend gave me? My mother's sewing box, restored and completely functional. He kept everything as original as he could; he even removed the rust from the screws and washers in the damned thing. It was also stocked with brand new sewing materials for me to carry on my mom's tradition. I can't imagine that I will ever receive a more beautiful gift.


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