1. god…

Not quite what you meant, but I find the story of Medusa quite sad.

She was originally a beautiful woman. She was so beautiful that she catches the eye of Poseidon. Poseidon is a god and he gets what he wants. He wants her, so he rapes her in a temple to Athena. Athena, despite being the Goddess of Wisdom, is all "Well you should've known better than to get raped inside my temple. And she punishes Medusa by turning her into a gorgon.

So Medusa has now been raped and lost everything and she can't even talk to anyone about it. Everyone that looks at her turns to stone and dies. So Medusa retreats and lives in solitude. Until a "hero" comes looking to kill her just for the fame. Then another "hero" and another. She spends years dodging men who would kill her because of her curse. Tormented because of a choice made for her. Until one day one of those "heroes" (Perseus) actually succeeds and murders her.

She wasn't a villain with a point. She was a tragic story to warn girls about the perils of being too beautiful.


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