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The two Dutch girls who got lost in the jungle in Panama. Went for a day hike, didn't turn back and apparently got lost deep in the forest during the rainy season. Creepiest thing is that their phones were discovered in a backpack downriver, fully intact… along with a camera that had photos. Normal, happy photos of them on the trail taken just an hour before their internal phone records showed they started trying to call 911 (or equivalent) for help. And 90 other photos taken in the rainy darkness in the middle of the night, between 1 and 4 a.m., a week after they disappeared, methodically showing a cliff and some bushes and some impromptu markers made of what little things they had brought with them.

Fragments of their bodies (bones, and a boot with a foot still in it) were found a couple months later, but nobody really knows for sure how they died. Accident on the trail? Fell into the rapids? Murdered and then someone was playing with their phones?

Dunno… this story creeped me out big time.


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