1. highway…

This fucking intersection near school. It's a four way intersection that leads to a part where two freeways connect. So during rush hour, there's a constant stream of cars coming from one freeway to the other (path in red).

As a result, anyone from the intersection looking to go on that highway gets gridlocked by waiting for their turn to merge with the red path cars.

Each side of the intersection has a full minute with priority to go ahead or turn left or right (blinking green light for my Canadian friends)

But what's worse is the god damn timing. Yellow path has their full minute first. So of course the yellow path goes on the highway, and take questionable decisions as to whether they should go on the yellow light. As a result the entire thing gets gridlocked, and then it's green path's turn. So my full minute of full priority is cut in half by waiting for dumb yellow path's gridlock to clear. Then the light turns red and I went from Car #3 to Car #1. Then people honk at me for not rushing to be a part of this gridlock myself. And there's always a couple cars in the middle of the road when our light turns red.

So that's just traffic, right? Fucking wrong. The space to merge with Red path cars is plenty to accommodate a full green light turn of both yellow and green paths. It's just that the light schedule is set up such that green path's turn is right after yellow path's turn. So our turn is needlessly wasted by a gridlock that wouldn't be a problem if another side (one of the black ones) had their turn between us! The gridlock would have plenty of time to clear, and we green path could go on our merry way and everybody would be happy.

But that would be too easy of a solution and save too much time for everyone so why do it?


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