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A guy in our local jail wanted to escape. Now, our jail is pretty much escape proof if you are behind bars, but not so much if you are a trustee bringing food into the kitchen, or going to court, or going to the hospital, etc.

So this guy went to the hospital for a problem and halfway from the Doctor's office to the car there was a bathroom in the hallway. He told the guards he had to go, they escort him in, he pees, then back to jail.

He tells this to his girlfriend. She dresses up as a dude, goes to that same bathroom, removes the 'hockey puck' from the urinal and drops a hacksaw blade down the drain and attaches the blade by fishing wire back to the puck.

Next time he goes to the hospital he goes to that same urinal. The guards are standing right there, but there is a urinal screen so it looks like he is shaking out the last drop, but in fact is reeling in the blade.

Back to the jail. A hacksaw blade isn't enough to get through all the steel in the jail, but it IS enough to make a hole in a window where he now went into the business of reeling drugs up from the ground with the fishing line.


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