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I'm an Indian and there is this thing where you have to somehow respect and uphold every wish your parents have with your life.

Now I love my parents and they are pretty much cool with a lot of my decision but I've met and seen a lot of people who had to choose a career they weren't interested in one bit just because their parents wanted it.

A lot of girls and boys have to marry someone they've known for mostly months or they know them well but don't wanna marry them just for the sake of parents.

A lot of girls and boys don't get to be with the person they love just because their parents don't approve.

The biggest problem is if you stand up to them, for making your own life decisions , somehow you're an ungrateful asshole who doesn't appreciate the sacrifices they've made for you.

Another shit argument is that parents could never mean to harm their child so every child should just follow everything their parents tell them to do. Its like Indian parents don't want their child to make any mistakes so thy don't let them make decisions at all.

I love my parents, I respect them and I appreciate everything they've done for me but at the end of the day its my life and I wanna live it the way I see fit. And if I make mistakes , its allright , I'll learn from them and grow.


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