1. before…

Had a girl come over after a good tinder date. Very attractive girl, wanted a consistent sex partner. I joked about how she wasn't able to find it and she said she must be bad at picking up guys. Whatever. I was down.

Anyway she came over and gave me head, fantastic but right before sex she says she has some vaginal conditional that makes sex complicated. Apparently sex is extremely painful but she craves it so she does it anyway. But the catch is she used numbing cream. I put on a condom thinking I'll still feel it and we go slow. About 5 min in and she asks if I'm still hard. I told her I didn't know. I honestly didn't. I pull out and there is blood, numbing cream and my erect penis. We stopped because it hurt her too much. I didn't feel a thing and was honestly baffled seeing my dick and not being able to feel it erect


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