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Pilot here, so that kinda counts. Here's some insider tips:

1) This website lists the airport and airline lounge wifi passwords for most airports around the world. Enjoy the free wifi

2) There are 2 kinds of bags: those that get destroyed in cargo bins, and those that destroy other bags in cargo bins. Get the second kind of bag. Buy an aluminum-frame Luggage Works Stealth bag, or a Travel Pro. It's what all crewmembers use for a reason.

3) The flight attendants have heard every single attempt from passengers to lie and cajole their way into first class. If you want better treatment and maybe an upgrade, bring a box full of truffles or chocolates, treat them like people, and be very nice to them. If there is any opening in a nicer seat, they just might hook it up.

Gotta run but I have a lot more that I'll post later if there's any interest…


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