1. rent…

Was in college, was starting another fall semester, had a new job, but no place to live after being screwed over by some people I had arranged to rent a room from before returning from an internship out of state. I was off work at 5 am and had nowhere to go and just sleep. So, I decided to drive to Louisiana which was about 45 minutes away and do something. Ended up at a casino. Decided to go in with 100 bucks and a pack of cigarettes. Learned to play craps, table got “hot” for the other players, one guy in particular was placing 1000 dollar bets while I’m just doing the 15 dollar minimums, trying to learn the game. Big money ended up making about 12,000 over the course of my dice rolls. I lost my 100 after gaining some but losing out. I start to leave, the guy catches up to me before I make it out and asks me if I’m okay, noticed I was real tired and frustrated looking. I just tell him I’m having a hard time, don’t get specific. He slaps 2000 in chips into my hands and tells me to have a better night and thanks me for the luck I brought him at the tables and just leaves after patting my shoulder.

I cashed out and had a deposit and first three months of rent paid up on my new place by the end of the next day. If you’re out there dude, thanks again. You were my hero that day, hell that year! I just hope I can do something like that for someone one day.


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