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Not a current job that I hold, but I used to be a Funeral Director and I had to go into someone's home who died and the police had to kick the door in and call us out.

It was the worst thing I have ever seen, she had rubbish everywhere and looked like she never chucked anything away. She had a cat and we couldn't see any litter tray anywhere, just Cat shit/piss in random corners and more hair on her clothes/furniture than on the cat likely (we never saw the Cat so I bet it was buried under all her rubbish).

The worst thing was how she died. She must have had some form of stomach cancer because she had died choking on her own poo as she vomited it up. What happens is that if you have an obstruction in the gut such as a tumour, sometimes it gets trapped and the body forces it upwards and in her case she had sicked up her own shit and literally choked on it. It was everywhere – coming out of her nose, mouth and in bags around her (including the one she was still holding when she died). Loads of blood too, so I don't doubt her Esophagus was injured or somewhere in her digestive tract.

I don't know how me and my colleague didn't get any on our shoes, even the police struggled to not stand in any blood or shit that day.

It has stuck with me for the past year after seeing it which is no easy feat as I have seen a few putrid sights.


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