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At my previous job there was a woman who I kind of had to supervise. We worked in a classroom setting with blind, deaf and developmentally disabled adults. I was the leader/case manager of the room. This lady had been there for 30 or so years and was upset that I, a newer employee in her 20s was the supervisor and not her.

She got upset about me rearranging a closet one day and decided she was going to “get me back” by putting the individuals who needed assistance on the toilet and leaving them there to go on her lunch break. These were female individuals and only female staff can assist with the toilet Ming of female individuals. The third staff in my room was male so that meant I would have to assist the individuals whenever this woman left them like that.

It wasn’t a big deal for me to assist with toileting, but keep in mind that this lady would just leave them sitting on the toilet in the cold ass bathroom. Also these girls were blind and deaf, and we had other individuals with violent behavior so she left them vulnerable to be attacked (I found one of the girls in the bathroom with scratches all over her arms and face. No idea how they got there). I told her several times not to do this because there was no guarantee that I would come back to the classroom Within reasonable amount of time to be able to ensure they weren’t sitting on the toilet for ages. She’d cop an attitude and basically say I wasn’t a good team player.

One day I got pulled into a last minute meeting that ended up being an hour and a half long. I called the room and told the staff I would be in a meeting. This lady still chose to leave the girls in the toilet and go to lunch. By the time I had gotten out of the meeting and headed back to the room, the girls had been on the toilet for over an hour. So basically this lady left them in the toilet, went back to the room to hang out for a bit, and THEN took her break a few minutes before I had walked back into the room. When she came back I tried to have an informal chat with her about what happened and she basically said she told me I was full of myself and she didn’t need to listen to what I was saying. She did not give a fuck about the uncomfortable position she left these girls in, only that she thought she was somehow spiting me.

Eventually I had to escalate the situation and she got charged with neglect and ended up losing her job. This was a year and a half ago. I quit and found a new job and that witch is STILL trying to find a way to have ME charged with neglect through her union.

Edit: Geez, I didn't think this post would get so much attention.

I'm gonna repost one of my replies to a question someone asked me so it hopefully clears up a few questions. I'd also recommend reading through the comments since I answered a few other questions and included some details that I initially left out because the comment was a bit too long.

When I said eventually I meant within an hour of the last conversation I had with her on the day she left them for over an hour.

The previous times she had done it I was always there to take them off the toilet within 10-15 mins.that amount of time isn’t absurd because they actually do need time to sit down and do their business. Because of that (and because of some weird office politics) it came down to my word against hers regarding whether or not she told me beforehand that she would be going on break after putting them on the toilet and whether or not she was told not to do this.

My after the second time i had an informal conversation about it and documented to start a paper trail. After the third to time my direct supervisor and I had a meeting with her and told her not to do it (she had even less respect for my supervisor since she was even younger than I was). The fourth time was when she left them alone long enough for me to actually bring it up to the director with and leave her no wiggle room (because of the length of time the previously documented conversations).

It should be noted that even after all of this there was still some debate from the higher ups on whether or not this counted as abuse. She ultimately dig her own grave by admitting to a bunch other borderline abusive shit that she did before I even started working there in an effort to somehow get me in trouble.

Also note that she continued to work there in the same group for another two weeks before they finally suspended her.


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