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I grew up in a relatively poor neighborhood. Lotta rough shit going on there, but we won't discuss all of it. Suffice it to say, even at a fairly young age I was pretty sure I'd seen some shit.

In middle school I made friends with a kid that lived in the trailer park across town. The trailer park kids are a whole different type of poor. I remember the kid I was friends with as soon as I got there goes "let's go to the creek, Darius got his fishing pole back."

Ok… whatever the hell that means.

So we go down to the creek and there's this kid Darius and he's fishing in a creek and there's about 12 kids standing around watching him. Every so often he's catching a fish and handing it to one of the kids and the kid is taking the fish and running off giddy as hell.

He finally catches one and hands it to my friend, he and I skip off back to his trailer. My friend takes the fish… as is… puts it in the microwave, and then when the microwave beeps he takes it out and starts eating it with a fork.

I almost puked.


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