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Youth is Wasted on the Young

In the not-so-distant future, scientists have discovered the mechanisms to reverse aging, however, they are not able to duplicate the process without taking the proper materials from another body. Essentially, a new device is made which can transfer "age" from one person to another.

Immediately, a black market forms where the rich drop thousands if not millions of dollars to buy more youth from other people. First, it's mostly junkies that offer up years of their life so they could afford more drugs. Next, it becomes regular people who are either down on their luck or are trying to afford a down-payment on a big purchase. Eventually, the age market becomes so widespread that it becomes an everyday part of life, with people sometimes giving up decades of their life to get ahead of others. The poor are kept downtrodden and old. Some even start growing old and dying off before they even reach college.

Eventually, some entrepreneurs create a human farm of sorts where they grow embryos in artificial wombs in order to harvest their youth and sell it for cheap. Very quickly, this becomes the standard. Society eventually "fixes" itself with the price of youth becoming cheap as a commodity. Most can afford to live forever, provided they have a steady job.

The last scene of the episode will show the inside of the human farm, showing that it's actually real people that are being grown, injected with syringes, and aged from 0 to ~80 years until their death within the course of 2 minutes, all while they cry out like newborn children.


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