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Went to a very very very small college, one entrance in and out of campus. My freshman year a science class (can't remember which) decided to do a research project on goslings so they somehow attracted geese/ got some geese onto campus (not really sure of these details) and after 3 years the geese had multplied. This wouldn't be a problem except they protect their nests like crazy and after 3 years there were 3 different nests perfectly triangulated so anywhere you were on campus you'd be in the goose attack danger zone. Walking to class? Goose attack. Want to go to the dining hall? Goose attack. Take a nice walk through the arboretum? Goose attack. Worst experience personally: offending a goose by trying to get to my car and leave, 2 chased me and started pecking my car, the dents were there until the day my car died. Eventually the school had the geese moved to some sanctuary/farm. Or that's what they told us, could be the same farm my childhood dog went to, who knows.


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