1. with…

I’m a girl, but this story is about my husband and how he caught the bad end of a “nice” guy.

A few years before I met my husband, he decided to go to a party. He gets there and some random girl walks up to him, says “Your cute” and kisses him. This amused him, so he started chatting with her. While chatting, he notices a very angry, short man standing next to her. The man is scowling at my husband and it’s making him uncomfortable. He can tell the guy is pissed at the attention girl is giving him, and it’s just not worth it, so he stops talking to random girl, turns away, and starts walking to another room. It’s at this point husband feels short man punch him in the back. When he turns around, short man is running away and actually runs out of the house and never returns to the party. Husband laughs it off, cause it wasn’t even a hard punch. But then somebody notices husband is bleeding, and there is a hole in his shirt. The short fucker hadn’t punched him, he stabbed him.

Random girl saw this all go down and was pretty mortified. Turns out the short dude was obsessed with her, they were “best friends”, and he accompanied her everywhere.

The knife was pretty small, so it didn’t do any real damage. But he still has the scar.


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