1. treatment…

I moved in with my dad and step mom the last 2.5 years of high school after not having a steady relationship with them for most of my life. I have tons of stories but probably the worst thing they did was, the last Christmas I lived with them, they made plans to take their kids to visit family in Colorado and told me I had to find somewhere else to stay while they were gone.

I asked why I wasn't invited and they said that they didn't think I'd want to miss work. I stayed with a friend from work that had her own place. I called them on Christmas and left a message saying Merry Christmas – didn't get any response.

I called the day they were supposed to be back in town and they informed me they didn't actually go out of town, their plans fell through. They just never bothered to tell me. Obviously they didn't want me around but it was extremely hurtful and I feel like I'll never get over their treatment of me. We haven't talked in 11 years other than for a few minutes at my grandmas funeral and I avoid them if I see them in public.


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