1. must…

Once my mom and I were sitting in her car outside a grocery story, probably around 11 pm when we saw this toddler in the car next to us, on his own, who looked like he had been crying. So we smiled and waved at him and he smiled back and waved, then after a few minutes of this he fell asleep and we waited in our car to make sure whoever brought him there came back. We were sort of ranting about how awful it is to leave a toddler alone in a car, especially so late at night, and how irresponsible the parent/guardian must have been, blah blah blah. Then the child’s mother came back carrying cough syrup and baby pain relief. So we felt kind of bad for ranting about her, she had probably just panicked and had to get her kid something to make him feel better and had no one else to take care of him (I still don’t think she should have left him in the car, but this was rural Ireland so statistics were in her favour). Anyway, the whole point of this ramble was that when we saw her come back, we went to pull out of our parking space, but as we did, three or four more cars pulled out too. I think we were all making sure this kid was ok, and I was just so touched by that moment. So I guess I’d say our greatest quality is our tendency to look out for others, especially when there’s no incentive to do so.


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