Chiquita/United Fruit Company

Cocaine smuggling, pollution, bribery of officials, corruption, using force to prevent workers unionizing… Not just a long time ago, but recently.

Ever heard of the "banana massacre":

Ever heard of the term "banana republic", yep. That's also chiquita.

Bonus, terrorism:

On 14 March 2007, Chiquita Brands was fined $25 million as part of a settlement with the United States Justice Department for having ties to Colombian paramilitary groups.

In 2018, Colombia’s Office of the Attorney General filed charges against 13 Chiquita Brands International executives and administrators after tracing payments made by a local Chiquita affiliate to the paramilitary group AUC,


the banana firm carelessly exposed laborers at the Coyol plantation in Costa Rica to highly toxic pesticides on multiple occasions. Additionally, COBAL was accused of using a private militia to intimidate workers.

Look, I get it. I sometimes buy cheap clothes, I get that large companies can't always control their suppliers fully, I get that pollution is inevitable, that buying gadgets regularly isn't great and that I should recycle and reuse stuff.

But chiquita bananas… a bridge too fucking far for me.


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