1. house….

Four years ago, I got in an argument at a party that escalated into a minor fight. The other guy was an old friend who had recently moved back to town after living elsewhere for a decade.

After the scuffle, we made up, hung out for another hour or so, and I walked him most of the way to his house. Mine was only three blocks away from his.

Woke up in a dead panic a couple hours later to the sound of glass breaking. Someone was battering my garage door trying to get through, and not being quiet about it.

I called 911, explained my situation, and posted up next to my living room door with a baseball bat. I left the phone on the ground still on the line with emergency. The intruder made it through the last door and I attacked with the bat. Connected about five or six solid hits to the head and one to the ribs before the intruder collapsed.

Turned on the light and I recognize this person. It's the wife of the guy I fought with the evening before. She had a weapon on her, too. Police came, ambulance took her away, and everyone left after a few hours.

It was awful. She admitted to trying to attack me in my sleep to the police. I declined to press charges after speaking with her husband, so long as she got adequate psychological help. She spent 2 months in ICU but ultimately pulled through. She's been nothing but a nightmare to everyone I know since then.


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