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Was together for 8 years, she started university after the 6th year. Got a house on that year together and that’s when things started going downhill.

She would go on “nights out with the girls” every other weekend. Not too strange as she would do that about once every 2 months or so but this became almost every weekend.

She became very defensive whenever I asked if she made any new friends at university saying “oh no I just stick with Emma and do my projects with her”. I never was probing just a nice conversation starter etc.

Then in the final year I would come home and she would be telling me a story of how she and Emma went for a coffee. Emma however was chatting to me on Facebook asking if I’ve seen her.

Questioned her about this and found out that she was with another man. To add to this after her friends finding out that I knew would be a string of men since starting university

I packed my stuff, left the house to live with my parents and never looked back even with the desperate phone calls from her begging me back.

Hurt like hell to lose my partner/best friend of 8 years but I’m stronger than I ever have been emotionally and happily living with my new partner


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