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How young it is.

People look at the universe being 13.7 billion years old and say 'that is ancient'. That is nothing.

Stars will continue to form for another 100 trillion years. Even after that, stellar remnants will exist for quadrillions of years.

Black holes will still produce energy that can be used by intelligent civilizations for 10100 years.

Keep in mind if biological life doesn't destroy itself, we will just keep getting more and more knowledge. Its probably a safe bet that within 500 years (which is nothing on universal time scales) we will be an interstellar species that has long ago transcended biology.

There is no telling what our descendants will do for the remaining life of the universe. The 4-5 billion years of biological evolution of life on earth will be looked at as an embryonic stage for endless quintillions of years of real life to begin post-biology. They will view the universe as their oyster, a place of infinite possibilities while we are still just spending our days trying not to die and trying to avoid being punished by our brains with pain.


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