1. It…

Came home and found my front door wide open, my parents missing, my neighbors on my front lawn (we don't talk to my neighbors) and blood all over our grass and the nearby wall.

Turned out my father, who knows how to do professional landscaping/tree trimming/gardening etc, was trimming the tree in our front yard when a branch broke and he lost his balance. He fell backwards and ended up landing on our neighbor's fence, which is topped by steel spikes. One of the spikes went into his leg, but he apparently didn't even notice or feel it so he pulled himself off the fence without a problem, but when he tried to stand he collapsed onto the lawn. He lost a lot of blood and had to have emergency surgery, but survived. His wound was so bad that when he made it to the hospital, a police officer and doctor confronted him because they figured he had to have been shot and tried to get him to admit it so that they could find the culprit. It was an incredibly scary moment, but that was 17 years ago and he is fine today, though he did end up eventually getting his revenge by chopping that tree down.


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