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Once had a woman send her two 5 to 8 yr old kids into the pop-up Halloween store I worked at, with her debit card, so they could buy whatever they wanted. The son of course immediately has no idea where the debit card is. Calls his mom, mom comes flying into the store literally screaming at the top of her lungs that I specifically must have stolen it, because I was both the floor supervisor and cashier at the time. Told her there were cameras pointed at each register and I hadn't moved from my station for over half an hour, but I would help her look for it.

She didn't believe me, and called the cops on me. Because it was now an accusation of employee theft, even though I was the only one accused, none of the employees were allowed to leave the building. It took the police 20 minutes to show up, way past closing, we were all miserable and we just wanted to go home. All I could do was apologize profusely. We couldn't even stand outside because SHE was there, standing directly in front of the doors, staring through the glass at us with unbridled fury.

A single cop finally showed up and she already looked fed up. She took all our statements, looked over the CCTV, told the woman to deactivate her card and go to the bank in the morning. The woman finally left, threatening me the entire time, and the cop hung out with us for a couple minutes shooting the shit and making fun of the whole situation. Real chill lady.

Ten minutes later, as the cop is scooping up her paperwork, the phone rings and my coworker answers. It's the woman. She found her card. It was on her kitchen table. She forgot to give it to her son. She tried to ruin a young 20-something's life, because she refused to believe she could be so careless with her money, and didn't even think to check her own house first. She never apologized. Bitch.

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