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Wife and I went to Denny's for a late breakfast…Couple with teenage daugther in booth behind us on the other side of the partition. Daughter looks to be 16-17 ish

Mother is sobbing and visibly shaken… Father is berating daughter.. Daughter turns out was picked up by police in the middle of the night in a stolen car with her 4 other friends friends. Parents had just gotten her out of detention. Father was giving the we did not raise you to be like this speach… She had been sneaking out at night to go partying with her friends.

Then all hell broke loose….

The daughter came clean that she and her friends were doing sexual favors to get the drugs and liquor each night.. The stolen car was from a John . Parents only thought their daughter and friends were joyriding… in a stolen car….

we listen in on that train week of a conversation.. and are like OHhhh my god…

EDIT: more details

This was happen 9 years ago, I think the parents were trying to shame the daughter but did not realize the sordid details that would come out…

Some other details I remember are the other girls were older 17, 18. This wasn't the first time she had snuck out but it was the first time the police became involved..


Seeing lots of replys as to what is a "John". For the younger Redditors and those from other countries a JOHN is someone how seeks the services of a , lady of the night/hooker/prostiitute

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