1. dude…

After long delays, my flight was cancelled while I was standing in line at the gate to board it.

Next day was my Son's first birthday. I needed to be home.

Went to the United desk and they refused to help me in any way. Not only could I not get another flight that day, but nothing the next day either. Despite the fact I was internetting the hell out of my phone and showing them all sorts of flights, direct and connecting that would get me there they were refusing, and I just didn't have money to go buy something else. I was starting to lose my cool.

A guy in line stepped out after hearing me. Told them he was some crazy status, and asked to speak directly to the manager. Next thing I new he was transferring his own ticket on a direct flight to me so I could get home to see my boy. I don't even know what happened. I tried to thank him in every way I knew how and he refused to take anything from me, just told me he knew how it was when he was younger, and would have wanted someone to do the same for him.

I hugged the guy (probably against his will) and ran and made my (his) plane and was in a first-class seat home.

Seriously, dude was an angel I'll never forget.


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