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Worked there for 13 years. Soooo much weird, but that's just retail in general.

Caught a guy masturbating into women's shoes in the dressing room.

People had sex in there more often than you'd be comfortable with.

I worked for them when Columbine happened. We carried a brand of clothing back then called Serial Killer, which featured pop culture pics/references and some edgy saying, like a pic of Bruce Lee that said "Revenge" or something like that.

The morning after Columbine happened, we got an email to pull all the Serial Killer clothing line off the sales floor, as well as every trenchcoat in the store. By the end of the day I'd already had to call security twice due to people showing up at the store and harassing me for 'supporting those psychos' and 'training the next ones'. Then the tv networks showed up and pretty much camped the front of our store, harassing every customer as they walked in/out, asking them why this 'dark lifestyle' attracted them. The mall ended up having security just hang out in front of our store and walking our employees to their cars for a week afterward.

Honestly, it was the best job I ever had. The company was really supportive at the corporate level. I still have friends that work there. They pretty much left me alone so long as I made sales, so I had carte blanche to set up my stores the way I wanted even if it didn't look like the planned merchandising setups they sent out. I had direct access with every dept, so if I felt my stores couldn't sell something they sent us, they'd let me transfer it somewhere else, and vice versa, get more best sellers in.

Honestly, if it wasn't for the working every weekend and closing a lot stuff, I would have continued working there.


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