1. Just…

It’s not a brand per se, but there is a tire place in my hometown called Just Tires who I will forever sing the praises of.
My mom has those crappy, expensive “low profile” tires. She went there once wanting to buy two then come back next payday and buy the next two because she couldn’t afford to buy all four. Now the owner sees her tires and they are BAD. He says he cannot in good conscience let my mom drive on bad tires and let’s get pay for two but take all four, trusting her to come back and pay for both. (Which she did)

Fast forward a month and it’s my turn to get tires and he gives me a quote for his cheapest brand. He finds out that he missed the sale of the cheap brand and didn’t have more, puts the GOOD tires on my car and sells them to me for the price he originally told me I’d pay.

I’m always going to go there for new tires.


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