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I was at home, when my wife and her friends got home one day from the pub, they were all giving me funny looks and smirking, I asked what was going on, they at first, refused to tell me.

After a little while of prodding one of them goes, "I HEARD ALL ABOUT YOUR DICK!" and they all broke into laughter, I was a little taken by surprise but laughed and said something like, "Oh yea? Hopefully all good!" and they laughed, and that was the end of it.

After they left, I was like, "What the hell did you tell them?!" and my wife responded by saying how she told her friends about our vigorous romps on our Honeymoon in Mexico, apparently in great detail. (We were there for a week and probably had sex about 3 times a day — we were both pretty sore when we got home). We had an all inclusive so we ended up getting day drunk and got pretty physical with each other as you do on a honeymoon.

She was like, "whatever, you probably tell your friends all about us when it's just the boys"

I don't know about you guys, but the EXTENT of what I ever say is usually a raised eyebrow and something like, "Aww yea booooi" I have never once described my wife's body to a single one of my friends, nothing in detail about any of my sexual partners (from before my wife) and it blew her mind.

Apparently girls talk in great detail about it, guys usually don't. And they assume we do, and we assume they don't.


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