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10 year reunion invite came up and I thought 'yeah looks like it could be fun'.

I notice the venue is fancy restaurant. Disappointed, expecting some sort of party. Room is very limited.. for a class of over 100 you would think they would have picked a venue with over 25 capacity.

I start reaching out to all the friends I've kept in touch with. Not one of them is even remotely interested in going. My old high school best friend suggests we catch up at his and drink, instead. Havnt seen him in years so I bail on the reunion.

Turns out almost no one went. One of the girls that organised the thing was begging my mate to go, because she was so embarassed how little people had RSVPd. She ended up bailing, herself. Turns out for the 10 people that actually went (half of which organised it), they had to be split up, since they booked a place that was not intended for large groups of people.

Unironically, the same group that organised it took it upon themselves to organise our end of school formal (aussie for prom). They decided for themselves that we didn't want to go with the original plan and completely replanned it without really consulting the general student body. So many people bailed on it that they had to start inviting ex students (dropped out, changed schools, expelled – takes some real shit to get expelled from a Catholic school in Australia) just to meet the minimum capacity the venue required to move forward with the date.

Honestly, I know they meant wepl, but this group ruined the formal for a lot of people. I don't know why I expected anything good from their reunion.

Apparently the after party was wild, though. Someone almost got thrown off the boat (literally into the water at 2 in the morning), and a guy we know copped a dick in the eye.


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