24. into…

Worked in Baton Rouge for a decade (1999-2009) and would regularly give the homeless I saw around town – generously if I can say that without being a douche bag.

In 2008 I was on a run for work and a guy caught me near the Target on Siegen lane. He had nothing he was homeless and on top of it had been robbed an hour ago. No worries, empty my wallet for the man, we all need help. Coming out of the shopping complex I see him hiding in the bushes opening a pack of smokes on a laptop while on his iPhone.

Then a month later, saw a man I regularly donated to on Government street. I would catch him on weekends – but this weekend my drop-offs started early so I saw him as he arrived in downtown BR. I sat behind the TV station waiting for a pick-up, and this cat gets out of a new car, changes into dirty clothes and grabs his sign from the trunk and heads off to his corner.

I have given food and connected people with charities, but I have not given a penny to a "beggar" since then.


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