1. but…

a few years ago, i was sick. not fun, but it was only a bug, I'd be ok in a couple days max. I started to get an unusual pain in my abdomen as the day wore on, but to me it was just a side effect of all the throwing up I'd been doing.

I spent the night in the spare room for 2 reasons – 1. because I was so frikkin' hot and 2. in case I needed to get up, i didn't disturb my partner who would be getting up early for work.

I managed to get an ok night of sleep, with the vomitting having stopped. But I still felt shit. When my partner came to see me before he went to work, he asked how I was. I still felt terrible, but it was a tummy bug, I wasn't going to be instantly better. But that sharp pain was still there.

On hearing that I still was in pain, he insisted on taking me to hospital. I didn't think it was at all necessary, but i was too exhausted to argue.

When we got to the hospital, I made damn sure the person at the front desk knew I thought this was a waste of time.

After a lot of prodding and questions about if i was pregnant, it turned out it was my appendix in the process of rupturing.


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