1. anything…

I was in a group therapy session as a kid like maybe 14. I really had to go to the bathroom but we werent allowed to during the session. I was sorta balled up in the center of the room, not like emotional or anything just sitting comfortably hugging my knees cuz all the spots on the couch were taken.

Some girl had just finished telling a story of her abuse. She was crying and there was no other sound. Was sort of that awkward but respectful silence that fills the space when you wanna be supportive but saying anything at all would somehow seem inconsiderate.

It was into this yawning void that i farted. I knew it was coming. Id been staving off the gurgling in my stomach for some time now. Id broken into a sweat already with the sheer effort of will to delay the inevitable. It was no use.

I tried to discreetly shift my weight and maybe muffle the sound. I failed. This was neither silent nor deadly. It effortlessly shattered the silence like sledgehammer vs a christmas ornament.

Another moment of silence swallowed the sound but it was a void of disbelief. Then some kid yelled as loud as they could.. "jen farted!!!" And the entire room collapsed into helpless laughter while i promptly turned to stone and died on the spot.


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