1. wasn’t…

When I was in elementary school, I got invited with my sister to a birthday party of one of her friends. Everything was going fine for most of the night, and then the catastrophe happened.

Her mom came down to the basement and was clearly very upset, but didn’t explain why. She then had each of us line up on the stairs from the basement to the ground level of the house and brought us in one by one. I wasn’t the first in line but no one was telling us what happened once it was their turn. Finally I was up, and her mom took me into the bathroom and showed me a trash can with a poop in it. She was basically on the verge of tears, pointing to the trash can and asking me, “is this your poop!? Is this your poop!?” It wasn’t. We never found out whose it was, or at least I wasn’t told. We have joked that someone will finally come forward on their death bed, but my sister and I have since lost contact with those girls, so we may never know.


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