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One that stands out most was a woman who had used heroin, alcohol, and crack for all of her adult life. She was homeless, had never really held a job, and had multiple legal problems due to her drug use. At 50something, she had decided to get clean and did so for several months, until her child was murdered. She had a brief relapse, but got clean again. In 4 years, she sorted out her legal issues, reconnected with her family, left her abusive partner, obtained her own housing, volunteered regularly, and completed a 4 year degree.

I can’t imagine having gone from a complete street lifestyle, enduring the worst tragedy one can imagine newly sober, and then entering and excelling in academia.

Honestly, it’s not the huge stories that stand out, it is little things that people accomplish during their recovery.

  • A person meeting their grandchild for the first time because they’ve gotten clean
  • A person that always wanted to go to the circus but had never gone because money always went to drugs
  • A person finishing school or actually keeping a job
  • A person leaving an abusive relationship and excelling
  • A person finally reaching out to family and getting an answer back or kind words after years of broken promises


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