2. sorry,…

It's a tie – outside of a string of bars a drunk man yelled "you're my type!" then ran up, bear hugged me, picked me up and wouldn't let me go. My male friends intervened and somehow the guy fell over and took me down with him and STILL wouldn't let go. I was so shocked that I didn't fight back but i wish I would have.

The other was a guy who followed me in to my apartment building lobby and wouldn't leave. He was under the impression that he was going to be invited to my place? I got rid of him by giving him a fake phone number. I'm sorry, random person who likely received texts from the creep.


3. very…

Used to work with this old man that would touch me all the time on my arm or my back. It's hard for me to make a scene although I wish that I had been direct with him. My solution was to shuffle away from him anytime he got close to me. It did seem to fix it but he was kind of a dick afterwards.

Also same job, I was kissed on the neck by another coworker very suddenly. This guy was not from the US so I chalked it up to cultural differences, but I did not view him the same way afterwards.


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