2. boards….

Was making pizza. Guy broke the pizza board(the thing with the handle you make the pizza on and then slide the pizza into the oven) I found the other one and he lost that. So I told him to make pizzas on one of the plastic cutting boards. He put the pizza into the oven on the board and just left it. The board melted No more pizza that day


3. were…

My coworker at the bowling alley had to walk down a lane where a group of very young children (maybe 4-8 years old) were bowling to retrieve a ball that had stopped in the gutter about halfway down to the pins.

When he had picked up the ball my other coworker told him to go walk it back down to the children. However this guy had it in his mind that it would be best to bowl it back down at the group of small children instead.

Luckily one of the adults with the children was a big muscular guy who was able to stop the ball and pick it up without anybody getting hurt.

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